Dr. Wendolyn Robinson is the owner of Refilled Glasses, LLC a training and learning services company. She has over a decade of experience in talent development, instructional design, and facilitation. She demonstrates the human resources competencies of relationship management, global & cultural effectiveness, critical evaluation, and leadership.

She utilizes the human resources competencies through her Refilled Glasses, LLC company. She conducts “Sundays @ 3pm”, a webinar focused on career development and redesign. She has used her talents to speak on topics like the “Durability Mindset: The Power in Soft Skills Training”, and topics such as resilience and positive body image. Her webinar “The Apple & The Tree” is designed to indoctrinate the diversity and inclusion process into the workplace with action steps to minimize chaos. She also co-facilitated, “Frame It Before We Can Fix It” as a diversity and inclusion framework for several chapters of Association for Talent Development (ATD).

She holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership with emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction, a Master’s in Human Resources, and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration/ Management. Wendolyn also has a professional in human resources (PHR) certification through the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI), and is an adjunct instructor for a university and private college. She is a member of Association for Talent Development (ATD), Black Human Resources Professional Network (BHRPN), of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, and volunteers with Literacy Action of Central Arkansas. Winthrop Rockefeller Institute (WRI) Health Equity Collaboration Steering Committee (2022-2023).