Dr. Wendolyn Robinson is the owner of Refilled Glasses, LLC a training and learning services company. She has over a decade of experience in talent development, instructional design, and facilitation. She utilizes the human resources competencies of relationship management, global & cultural effectiveness, critical evaluation, and leadership.

She demonstrates the human resources competencies through her Refilled Glasses, LLC company. She conducts “Sundays @ 3pm”, a webinar focused on career development and redesign. She has used her talents to speak on topics like the “Durability Mindset: The Power in Soft Skills Training”, and topics such as resilience and positive body image. Her webinar “The Apple & The Tree” is designed to indoctrinate the diversity and inclusion process into the workplace with action steps to minimize chaos. She also co-facilitated, “Frame It Before We Can Fix It” as a diversity and inclusion framework for several chapters of Association for Talent Development (ATD).

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“Do the best you can until you know better. When you know better, do better.”
-Maya Angelou

Our Mission

To create spaces of learning and development for talented individuals to proudly display their generational and cultural differences while being compensated, respected, & valued equally.

“Diversity & Inclusion do not create havoc, people who devalue the sanctity of D & I do. We do not tolerate devaluation.”

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