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"Making My Own Beautiful"

Session Reviews

“Saturday’s experience exceeded my expectations!! Not only did you provide valuable information to help me assess (where I was at the time) and adjust, you gave me action steps for my journey in becoming a better person! I loved the opportunities for engagement and the interaction between attendees was great! Looking forward to attending more Refilled Glasses workshops!!”

– MJ Thomas

Session: Conflict + Forgiveness 9/10/22

“Thoroughly enjoyed this session. I was enlightened and was grateful for a “safe space” to be able to share my experience as a WOC in the work place! I’m definitely looking forward to the online courses/social media forum!”

– A. Trimble

Session: Conflict + Forgiveness 9/10/22

“Loved the energy in the room! It was a needed and impactful event. I left with a fresh perspective on conflict and an abundance of resources/tools to help continue doing the internal work related to forgiveness. Looking forward to what’s next. Thank you for investing in women!!!!!”

– K. Walker

Session: Conflict + Forgiveness 9/10/22

“This was an awesome experience! It was so empowering and I agree with the other comments that it was a “safe space” to share our experiences. I more conscious of my lack of forgiveness so I’m working on it lol I came to the workshop exhausted, but left feeling like a superhero! Thanks for the invitation and I’m looking for the next series.”

– A. Williams- Yousiff

Session: Conflict + Forgiveness 9/10/22

“ This session hit all my pain points!”

– M. Riggins

Session: Courage Through Conflict- 4/19/22

“ I truly enjoyed the seminar today!! It was just good to be reminded to remember yourself! And, the encouragement that if you are stuck, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep striving to be your best self. You were awesome and so was the information presented.”

– R. Mahomes

Session: Making My Own Beautiful- Confidence 3/19/22

“As an older woman of color, representation of what a beautiful woman means has not always been available. Thank you for expanding my perspective and letting me know it’s always been acceptable. Younger women and girls need to hear this! I am so happy you are making this available online too!”

– C. Kelley

Session: Making My Own Beautiful – Confidence 3/19/22