Making My Own Beautiful: Confidence

This training session is designed around a simple question. “Does your confident beautiful show?” Elevating your confidence elevates your voice. The tools and inquiries explored will amplify how beautiful confidence can be because it is ageless, size-less, colorless, & timeless.  Logon in your clear lip balm or purple glitter lipstick as we identify ways to use confidence to make your own beautiful!

This session is for you if:

  1. Your confidence app “reroutes” at all the wrong times
  2. Your beautiful confidence needs to be activated
  3. Emotional triggers are sabotaging  your confidence

Making My Own Beautiful II: Courage Through Conflict

This session is for those:

  1. Avoiders of conflict who accept less than you deserve.
  2. Frustrated with outcomes you’ve compromised to achieve.
  3. Allow others and their competitive natures to create hostility in your relationships.
  4. Confused about your conflict management style.
  5. Need tools to increase your courage & restructure your situational outcomes.

Making My Own Beautiful III: Respect

We all should have basic requirements for respect.  Far too often our boundaries are infringed upon in the workplace and create conflicting emotions for women, particularly those of color. It is not always easy to navigate through these situational conflicts with courage to demand the respect we deserve.  This final session presents strategies to address subtle actions within professional spaces that can fester and sabotage beautiful confidence and courage if left unchecked.


This training is designed for you if:
  1. “Great job” never results in promotion.
  2. Your contributions are automatically minimized in high profile settings
  3. Personal relationships are disregarding the “no trespassing” signs.
  4. Frequent microaggressive behaviors disguised as “unconscious” disrupt your work environment.


Making My Own Beautiful IV: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a heavy thing. It is difficult for us to forgive others, but it’s almost unbearable to forgive ourselves. There are mistakes we say we will “take to our graves”, but we walk through life as dead people until that time. We survived our experiences and choices for a reason. Act like it!

This session is an extension to the “Make My Own Beautiful” collection. It is designed around one simple question, “Have you granted yourself forgiveness?” We will unpack what that burden means to so many by:

  1. Realizing we need to start internally
  2. Weighing the cost of the imbalance within the ledgers of our spirit
  3. Acknowledging we are allowed to seek a path from darkness to daylight
  4. Embrace the concept of letting “it” go.

Soft Skills

This training is designed for customer-facing employees who want to improve their referral percentages and customer relationships. Customer service hinges on mastering soft skills. The training is currently offered in-person or as an online course. Participants will discover how to:

– Recognize the effects of multitasking on customer relations
– Identify polite but rude behaviors
– Minimize actions that can be interpreted as biased
– Clarify appropriate break activities
– Pivot attitudes for self-care regardless of customer antics

Beyond the Name Badge:

How long did it take to decide whether the position you accepted was career enhancing or a carefully spun web of interviews? Day One is when many new hires make the decision to return to the job market. Why? They quickly realize they are on boarding with a company that used mission, vision, and values statements as a marketing tool, not an accurate portrayal of business conduct.

This training examines key organizational missteps that often send new hires looking for the exit sign before the benefits package is processed. It also covers practical ways to strengthen employee commitment to an organization and embrace their decision to remain well into the future coming Spring 2023.

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Beyond the Badge
Soft Skills